Our carrots and parsnips are grown specifically for supermarkets. We start the growing season on the Suffolk coast, move to Norfolk and then to Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Shropshire.

We complete the season in Scotland with late-strawed carrots, thus supplying supermarkets all year round. If there is a deficit between late and early crops, we import carrots.

The carrots and parsnips are packed in our high capacity purpose built packhouse. Here carrots and parsnips are washed, cooled, size graded and packed in varying pack sizes for supermarkets and the wholesale trade.

Any carrots which do not meet the supermarket grade are put into nets for the horse feed industry and distributed over the UK by in-house haulage through our subsidiary company Lincolnshire Carrot Supplies Ltd.

Carrot Enterprise

  • Suffolk, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Scotland.
  • All management controlled / programmed
  • Land sourced to deliver quality / continuity to our customers
  • Full traceability – field to dispatch
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